Welcome to Alex's Site!

I have made this on 30 December 2020 after getting the idea from a friend.


Just got back from up north, was very fun. Showed a friend around the lake and took a night walk on the ice to see the meteor shower. Spotted out some contellations as well which was neat. We got some prime rib on the way up, ate almost all of it with grandparents and cousins. Took a good deal of nice photos. Was a fun time.


End of the year! Light show was cool, will figure out how to put images on this page. Uncle got a 2000 Tundra and I'll be taking it up north to my grandparents tomorrow. This'll be the first year in a very long time that I haven't been up there for NYE. I wish all a better year and we all stay healthy and such.


I've had a programming class back in hs senior year, we wrote in C+ and Java. I did not like that class but at least it was something to learn. I've never done a blog or website of my own before, let alone even participated in one. They feel like they should be left in the 2000s. I enjoy the outside, especially the woods (hence my website title), and winter snow. A lot of people say I am "trad" and I learned that meant "traditional." I am dumb in a lot of things so I ask for a lot of explanations of things I do not understand, which is good because then I will understand them, hopefully. So they say I am not normal, at least in the sense of the majority of people enjoy technology, use technology, use everyday things common in life and do common things. I know the things I do are not exactly common, but I enjoy doing them so I continue to do them as well as not care what people really think of me, unless it is positive or I need to truly change. I could go on but this is the first day of this blog and I feel weird about spilling so much thought in the first post. I'll probably add to this often at first and maybe trail off in other times. I am going to a light show with some friends tonight and might hook up with others to watch a ton of old VHS tapes they got for like 40 cents.